Let’s start with cake…

cake 5

We usually drag birthdays out as long as possible around here. The day you were born is an important day to celebrate so why not do it over several days or even a week! Although Hannah doesn’t turn 12 until Tuesday, we began the festivities with a birthday cake with friends last night. I made […]


Happy Valentines Day


snow day

we woke up to almost a foot of snow this morning. this has been the snowiest winter i can remember and there are no complaints here. activities on a snow day may vary but a few things always remain the same. recipe for a snow day hot chocolate makes 4 mugfuls whisk together in a […]


applesauce cake

we had just a smidge of our homemade applesauce left so i thought i would do it justice by turning it into cake. craft circle was this evening and i served it up with chai tea. it’s a deliciously moist cake made with warm spices, brown sugar and pecans, tasting a bit like gingerbread. it […]


Tuesday Nights with Izzy

i look forward to tuesday evenings with my sister elizabeth (or izzy as my girls call her). being my only sibling i feel so lucky that she only lives 5 minutes away. over the last year we have enjoyed dinner together almost every week. it usually falls on a tuesday night and we alternate hosting […]


The Presentation of a Meal

i grew up in a house where the presentation of a meal was just as important as the meal itself. i don’t remember ever a bottle of ketchup or dressing on our dinner table. my mom would squeeze condiments into etched glass bowls with tiny silver spoons. we would make fun of her and i […]


Saturday Scenes

a few scenes from our saturday. a wonderfully lazy one. 1. i have been lighting candles every night. today was snowy and a bit grey which called for some afternoon candlelight. 2. i turned 41 this week. gifts from my sister are always my favorite. 3. today was a nachos kind of day. i pulled […]



So let’s talk soup! We eat a lot of it in the winter months and I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite meals. I even eat it for breakfast. I love the versatility of soup. I am not a rule follower and usually never refer to a recipe when making anything except baked […]


Hannah and Norah

3/52 hannah: you love sweets and tea. not a week goes by where you don’t make us all a tea party. i surprised you with applesauce cake for breakfast. you thanked me at least ten times. norah: you came down with a dress, stockings and maryjanes on. not your typical attire. i couldn’t stop looking […]


Dessert and Drinks

one of my goals for 2014 is to have friends over more. and to make gatherings simple, enjoyable and affordable. yesterday i woke up and said “i’m going to invite a few people over”. it was last minute and i had a workshop to attend that would take half of my day so i decided […]