A Few Tricks up my sleeve

so i have been on a little spending freeze over the last month.
in fact just for fun i actually handed over my debit card to chris just to see what might happen.
now i wouldn’t call myself a shopoholic. but i do like finding that very special thing. etsy, my favorite blogs and pinterest have all exposed me to many beautiful and unique things. and thrift stores, well don’t get me started… i LOVE to thrift. the thrill, the score, having things that no one else has. yes maybe it is a bit of an addiction i admit.

over the last year i have had many opportunities to just stop in to my local thrift shops.
hannah’s ballet class is just around the corner from goodwill and my favorite thrift is in walking distance from the farm where i work three days a week.
sure i have found some amazing things and yes most of it is second hand so that feels good to give something a second or third life but really how many things do i need?

believe me i have no plans of never thrifting or spending again.
goodness no!
but it feels so good to be giving focus to other things when i might have a free moment.
now when hannah is at ballet class i sit at the library and read, write letters or knit.

because i am such a nester (and a aquarian) i tend to feed my soul by switching things up a bit. thrifting in a way helps me with this as i bring in something new to add to the old mix. that feeling of ahhh as i find a new piece of pottery or basket or bowl and come home to replace it with something i was just a little tired of.
oh it’s a good feeling.

so what i have i been doing without any money to fulfill my inner nester?
don’t worry i have my tricks.
not only has giving up the urge to spend saved us a bit of money but it has also allowed me to be a bit more inventive and creative.

just like i used to do with my girl’s toys when they were younger i put my own things away for a little rest to then pull them out and revisit them.
it feels like i have all new toys!
i recently pulled out some artwork that i was needing a little break of a few years back that was stashed away in a closet. when i unearthed it i remembered how much i absolutely loved it when i first found it and how much i still do love it. i hung it up and bam! a whole new look.

the other night i was over visiting with my mom who has many beautiful antiques and unique pieces and who is always looking to de-clutter.
she sent me home with a cobalt blue lamp, a beautiful clay pitcher from ireland and an oil painting by my great great uncle paul.
i felt like i had hit the jackpot. and best of all i didn’t spend any money!!

not spending has even fulfilled my creative self in the kitchen. instead of looking in the fridge or pantry and thinking “oh i better go shopping” when things start to get a bit low, i now am using up everything i have and making more things from scratch. (don’t worry though i have gone food shopping in the last month:)

and same goes for my wardrobe. i have recently brought out some pieces from the back of the closet and bottom of the drawer who were feeling a bit neglected and paired them with pieces i normally wouldn’t.
my sister and i were just talking about hosting a clothing swap. invite some friends over for wine and cheese and leave with a whole new wardrobe!

taking a little spending break has definitely served me well in many ways and when i do decide to go thrifting or shopping again it will be such a treat!