Hannah and Norah

3/52 hannah: you love sweets and tea. not a week goes by where you don’t make us all a tea party. i surprised you with applesauce cake for breakfast. you thanked me at least ten times. norah: you came down with a dress, stockings and maryjanes on. not your typical attire. i couldn’t stop looking […]


Turning 8 and a Sleepover

While talking to my mom the other day she told me she had been a bit disappointed with second and edgemont as of late. thanks for the nudge mom, you’re right, i’ve been a bit absent. she even reminded me i hadn’t posted about norah’s birthday yet! our little norie turned 8 this november. her […]


It warms my heart

it warms my heart… ~to see how much you two enjoy one another. ~to find you reading to one another ~to find your dolls wrapped up in my scarves after a morning of play ~to hear you giggling in bed in the morning ~hear you hug and kiss at night and say i love you. […]


Hannah and Norah

hannah :: you are determined to run the media 5 miler again this year. you started training this week. :: you have been spending a lot of time drawing and writing in your journal. you drew the most beautiful picture of papa sitting in a tree today norah :: you told me the other day […]


inspired by this lovely lady i think i’ll give a go at a “portrait a week” of my girls. i am a bit late in the game but here goes. 8/52 norah you wanted to invite a friend over for dinner this week and you had me help you put together a winter picnic on […]


pancakes and pjs is what norah suggested for a birthday party this year. hannah and her friend were the waitresses and took orders for different shaped pancakes and toppings. it was norah’s star birthday this year. 7 years old on the 7th. happy birthday to my spunky girl who embraces life at it’s fullest each […]


we woke up to a chilly morning with nothing but shorts and tee shirts in their drawers. i went up to the attic to see what i might find. i threw down some pants and long sleeves for norah that hannah once wore. and the pants i found for hannah turned out to be floods. […]


first year on the swim team. first swim meet of the season. first place for back stroke (norah). first place for breast stroke (hannah). first time i felt like a sports mom.


when the girls caught wind that chris and i had written a summer manifesto they wanted in too. last night as the four of us were lying in bed ready to drift off we began to create a family summer manifesto. since i am usually the first one asleep this is what i can remember. […]


last night hannah and i took our first appalachian clogging class and i am in love. i couldn’t stop smiling and giggling. i love love love to dance and this style of dance feels like it grows in my bones. so natural. like i have done it before. maybe i have.   and check out […]