A Bit of Holiday Cheer

these last few days i have been slowly adding some holiday cheer to our home. i just can’t help myself! i haven’t put electric candles in the windows for a few years now. i missed the cheery glow. especially with these shorter days. my mom always had candles in our windows at christmas times. it […]


Wains Coating

my grandfather and chris installed wains coating in our dining room about a month ago. if you look at the photos in the previous post of norah’s birthday, you can see that the trim is attached to the wall both vertically and horizontally. and when painted it gives the effect that it is all wood […]


Turning 8 and a Sleepover

While talking to my mom the other day she told me she had been a bit disappointed with second and edgemont as of late. thanks for the nudge mom, you’re right, i’ve been a bit absent. she even reminded me i hadn’t posted about norah’s birthday yet! our little norie turned 8 this november. her […]


Seasonal Decor

i love the change of seasons. as the light fades and the cooler weather sets in, we are forced inside a bit more. routines shift, our meals become warmer and hardier and our home becomes the heart of everything we do. i like my seasonal “decor” (if i can even really call it that) to […]


Seasonal Interest in the Garden

:: hop on over to tend today where i’ve written a post on seasonal interest in the garden. :: i found this piece inspiring and empowering. i have always loved erin’s positive outlook on life. :: i am super excited about this book. make sure to scroll down to watch the book trailer. :: this […]


Hannah’s Room- part two

there’s still some painting to be done but i thought i would share a few more bits and pieces of the addition. i knew i always wanted to incorporate an open staircase into the project and i love how it has transformed our second floor. our carpenter did a beautiful job at crafting the post […]


The Joys of Thrifting

oh thrifting. i used to struggle with the guilt about how much i love it. but recently i have embraced the fact that for me it is an art. a creative process. it’s a big part of who i am and how i express myself and my style in both my wardrobe and in my […]


A New Room and Floor

oh i could not wait to share this with you. it’s all pretty amazing really to have watched this room in all of it’s stages and now in all of it’s glory! it is officially complete and hannah is over the moon. she chose benjamin moore maiden hair fern for the color. and as much […]


A Good Day

today was a good day.


Lemon Meringue Pie

the annual harvest fest at the farm took place today. it was beautiful day and we had a great turnout. one of the highlights of the event every year is the pie bake off. hannah and norah both wanted to enter a pie this year. they wanted to try something totally new and something that […]