Just the two of us




















It had been almost 13 years since Chris and I have had a little getaway together just the two of us. That was until last weekend when we headed down to the shore room.

As much as we love being together as a family of four it was so lovely to be alone for a few days. We didn’t do much out of the ordinary than what we usually do down at the point. Although while out and about on our bikes we did stumble upon a new vineyard and Chris convinced me into an afternoon tasting smack in the middle of the day. I love totally unplanned adventures.

I think we must have said to ourselves at least 10 times throughout the weekend “and why don’t we do this more often?”

We already have a getaway planned for the fall.

Pie on the Porch






A few days before we left for the lake we had a little “Pie on the Porch” party. I like to host monthly pie parties in the summertime for an excuse to bake with seasonal fruits and to eat it with friends. May and June flew by too fast so before July left us we invited some of our favorite people over to eat peach/cherry crumble and calflouti. Yep no pie. But there was sangria so all was forgiven.

How to host a “pie on the porch party”

Don’t have a porch? No worries! The idea is to get outside on a summer night. A patio, balcony, deck or backyard will suffice just fine.

Don’t have enough time to make a pie? Pie crust just isn’t your thing? Don’t fret! Crisps and crumbles take no time at all and are just as yummy if not more. Or how about a calflouti. a tart, brown betty or trifle? It’s all about enjoying fresh seasonal fruit in some form or fashion so how about just fruit atop whipped or iced cream.

To make things simple serve a featured drink of the evening. Making a pitcher or punchbowl of something like sangria or mojitos can allow the host to sit back and enjoy. Highlight what’s growing in your garden by using fresh herbs like mint,lemon verbena, or basil. There are so many delicious summertime cocktail recipes out there. Ice is key for many drinks so make sure your freezer or cooler is stocked with it!

Serve a few savory things to nibble on to balance the sweet. I made the watermelon-basil-feta cubes I wrote about a few weeks back.

Make a playlist of your recent favorite tunes. Or break out the record player and vinyl.

String some twinkle lights around tree branches to make things a bit festive.Scatter votives about and have a lighter in your pocket ready for sundown.

Keep bugs at bay. Have a few bottles of natural bug spray on hand for guests. Light a few citronella candles. Bring out an oscillating fan. (we have found this to be the most effective way to keep bugs away!)

For the younger folk offer a basket of flashlights for flashlight tag, sparklers, or mason jars to collect fireflies.

At some point in the evening tuck a little pie or crisp away for breakfast in the morning!

And we’re off!

We are headed to the lake today for nearly 10 days and we are all very excited.
Just like last year I will be posting daily photos with no words.
I hope you will follow along!

Stripped down summer decor







In the summertime my home usually reflects how I want to feel in the warmer months… light and cool. I prefer my hair up and my skin exposed as much as possible, wearing light fabrics and flip flops or sandals.

At this time of year I tend to strip down with my decor as well. I put things away for a while which gives my home a little more of a lighter feel. While thrifting I find myself attracted to pastel colors and fabrics. Seashells and beach finds are scattered about and my houseplants go on a little summer vacation outdoors onto my porch and patio.

Baskets of wool blankets are replaced with pool and beach towels and hooks that were once full of jackets and scarves are adorned with sun hats and fresh herbs hanging to dry.

Although we have been blessed with mostly pleasant temps, it’s these little things that help me feel just a bit cooler during those dog days of summer.