When people ask where we live, we usually reply,
“the house on the corner, the one with the chickens.”
They nod and know exactly where it is.

Situated in the center of a small town, our little home does stand out a bit. We are not your typical house with a manicured lawn and neat little shrubs all in a row.
In fact we have no lawn at all; we do have vegetables, herbs, fruit, chickens, and a rabbit. When we bought our 1200 square foot Arts and Crafts style twin, on a postage stamp size property of 3700 square feet, we thought it would make the perfect little starter home. But 15 years later here we  are, still. Yes, there have been many a time when we long for more, both inside and out. A little more land, more privacy, a bit more space, just one more room. But most of the time we embrace this place we call home and try to find ways to be creative with our space. Rather than find some place new, we began to think up ways to have exactly what we wanted and have realized over the years just how much one can do in a small space.

Here on the corner of Second and Edgemont we strive to create space for beauty and simplicity in all that we do whether it be in our home, in the garden, when entertaining, though celebrations and tradition and in our every day lives.

About Amy:

I have studied aesthetics ever since I can recall. As a child I remember pouring over every detail of my favorite picture books, many of which involved home life. My favorite book was , Tilly’s House, about a doll who decided to leave a dollhouse where she worked as a kitchen maid to find her own home. On her travels, Tilly found an old wooden box and with the help of a teddy bear made it her home from things collected and re-purposed.

I have always enjoyed creating new spaces and making things beautiful. I remember re-arranging the inside of my school desk on a weekly basis, decorating my room as a teen with collections of pinecones and nature finds. And as a young adult I began to accumulate items found at flea markets and garage sales while drawing up plans for my future home one day. Like Tilly, I  have created the home of my dreams.

When I am not planting in  my garden, scheming up a new project or arranging a vignette in my home you may find me teaching a gardening class, homeschooling my two girls, working part-time as Outreach Director for a local farm, writing for TEND, photographing the everyday, walking my dog Harry around the neighborhood, serving on council for my  hometown, cooking up the harvest, chatting with a neighbor while hanging out the laundry, or just simply sitting on my back porch watching our flock of hens. I think my life is pretty swell.