Earl the Squirrel

feeding nuts to Earl the Squirrel
earl 2 earl 3 earl 4
Remember Earl?
Our little squirrel friend?
He’s a grown man now but he still visits.
He’s been knocking on our window for nuts on these cold snowy days.

It will be a year this spring when Chris found baby Earl abandoned and brought him home.
He is still living out back in the big Silver Maple tree right outside Hannah’s window.
Chris can spot Earl a mile away and he even has a little “swish-swish-swish” call that he answers to.
Earl will still take a nut straight from Chris’s hand.

Sometimes I giggle when I am checking out at the grocery store with a basket full of almonds and walnuts. The cashier will say “You must be baking something good today!”
I just nod and smile.


  1. says

    love earl!
    just read his story ~ can’t blame him for wanting to join your family :-)
    we name all our squirrels/birds/bunnies that visit the garden too …we have never had an earl {yet}