happy december!
i thought it would be fun to hang the advent calendar in a new spot this year. one we didn’t even have last year!
december 1 envelope was to take out all of our christmas and winter books.
it’s always so much fun to look through all of them. even though we have read them hundreds of times it always feels as if if we have a brand new bunch of books.

many in the pile give me warm and fuzzy feelings from my childhood including tasha tudor’s a doll’s christmas. i remember studying every single detail in each drawing and my mother would even let us get a real live christmas tree for our dolls.

there are so many beautiful books out there for the christmas and winter season. we probably have at least 50 of our own. i have had to hold myself back from accumulating too many or we may need to build a whole new room on top of hannah’s for a library!

i am always drawn to beautiful illustrations and love elsa beskow’s books. a favorite is peter and lotta’s christmas about the christmas goat.

christmas in noisy village is one of the sweetest books ever and this version of the mitten is beautifully done.

owl moon by jane yolen is probably one of my most favorite books at this time of year. it makes we want to out on a night hike in the woods each time we read it.

so now all we need is a new load of fire wood and we are all set for hunkering down each night to read.

2 Comments on “Advent

  1.  by  Kristen

    Have you ever read The Maggie B by Irene Haas? It the most precious book. Its not about winter, but you mentioning your love of children’s literature. I just had to mention it.

  2.  by  emily

    what a neat idea! i haven’t looked at christmas books in many years. i’ll have to see if my mom still has my old ones. i remember pouring over them every year as a kid, too.