A Bit of Holiday Cheer



these last few days i have been slowly adding some holiday cheer to our home. i just can’t help myself!

i haven’t put electric candles in the windows for a few years now. i missed the cheery glow. especially with these shorter days. my mom always had candles in our windows at christmas times. it was one of the first things that went up for the holiday and i loved falling asleep each night with those little lights on.

i’m on the look out for fallen evergreen branches, pinecones,magnolia leaves, osage oranges, etc.

we head off this afternoon for a few days to visit chris’ family for thanksgiving.
hannah and i have to leave a day early for her nutcracker rehearsals.
but we will be sure to make time to stop on the way home for our annual tradition.

wishing you all a peaceful thanksgiving.
i am extremely thankful for this space and for all of you who take the time to stop by.

4 Comments on “A Bit of Holiday Cheer

  1.  by  Kari

    I, too, cannot wait to start decorating for Christmas. Unfortunately, in our family, it is a requirement to wait till after my daughter’s birthday on Dec. 4th. She doesn’t like having her birthday mixed up with Christmas. Your house looks great. I love all the straw ornaments on your little tree.

  2.  by  Kim

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday! As always thanks for sharing your wonderful home. Kim

  3.  by  Liss

    Oh, I just drive past some osage oranges today! Hmm, where was that? I will track my brain and let you know via fb if I remember.
    House looks beautiful!