Wains Coating


my grandfather and chris installed wains coating in our dining room about a month ago.
if you look at the photos in the previous post of norah’s birthday, you can see that the trim is attached to the wall both vertically and horizontally. and when painted it gives the effect that it is all wood when really it is mostly the wall.
it’s a clever and affordable solution if i do say so myself. it gives structure and texture to a room and it’s amazing how much brighter and bigger it feels now.

this past weekend my best friend and i had a blissful two days of painting it all while chatting, giggling, drinking tea and eating chocolate.
when we first started i never thought we would finish by sunday.
but time really flew by and before we knew it, the room was complete with time left over for a glass of wine and a pot of homemade cauliflower, butternut squash soup.

i love a finished project just before the holidays!

3 Comments on “Wains Coating

  1.  by  Julie

    It looks fabulous – I love seeing shots of your home, they always make me want to go and re-arrange things in mine. It is so nice to have you back again too.

  2.  by  Diane

    Hi Amy,
    I love this idea and hope that you don’t mind me pinning it for some future use.
    Would you mind sharing the colors you use? The white is such a lovely and creamy hue in the pics and the darker color is beautiful and earthy but unobtrusive. I think I remember you mentioning Restoration Hardware Silver Sage some time back but I can’t quite tell if this is the same color.
    I always get inspired by your posts.
    Thank you,

  3.  by  Alicia P.

    Okay, that’s brilliant. I’ve had our contractor install so much wainscoting in our house over the years, and he grumbles the entire time. He is awesome, so his grumbling give me anxiety, but not enough to keep me from insisting the wainscoting go up. I’ll have to share this with him for the dining room (which still hasn’t been done). He’ll love you for it, I think. :)