Holiday Nesting


wow, i can’t believe my last post was almost 3 weeks ago!

life has been really busy! halloween came and went and oh yes  i won the election! i am proud to (almost) be called councilwoman of the borough of media!campaigning took a lot out of me and i am just now feeling somewhat caught up with things around here.

and just in time for my favorite time of year.i’m not embarrassed one bit to tell you that i have been listening to christmas music already.and i have been really trying to hold back on doing a bit of holiday decorating.we’ll see how many more days i can refrain.

we have been busy with a few home improvement projects around here to get ready for the holidays. i always go in to nesting mode right before christmas.

One Comment on “Holiday Nesting

  1.  by  Lisa

    wow, councilwoman amy! what a meaningful accomplishment! congratulations! i bet your family is super proud of you!
    looking forward to any pics you share of your holiday festoon goodness! you have a real knack!