my mother saved many of my halloween costumes from when i was a girl.
they were all handmade and now live in the girls dress up basket.
i love seeing all of the use they get.
norah told me this summer that she wanted to be the pumpkin this year.
it is a little worn out but she doesn’t seem to mind.
she asked for a pumpkin hat to match which i finished just a few days ago.
she went around all day yesterday telling everyone that mama wore the pumpkin suit when she was 5 and that her hat was made by mama.
it all just warms my heart.


  1. says

    Adorable! And your hat turned out very nicely. My mom just found a dress that I wore as a flower girl when I was 4. It was a perfect fit on my 3 year old who ran all over the house telling everyone that she was, “wearing the dress mommy wore when she was a baby doll!”

  2. Lillian says

    So sweet! My mom has tons that she made when we were little, too, and we were just talking last night about what my kids should wear in the next coule of years!