a few things.
:: strawberry rhubarb crumble. can’t stop making it.
:: this film is inspiring and beautiful. he reminds me of chris.
:: pretty much am in love with this site. the photos are dreamy and i love her blog. i grew up in a family of florists.
::the weather this week is beyond perfect. i want to bottle it up and then pop the cork and breathe it in on those sticky humid days where i don’t feel like me.
:: i am not loving my summer wardrobe. i want to make my own.
i finally admitted that i don’t dress exactly how i truly want to. i want to wear dresses more.
i want to like me in dresses more.
i like this and
this and this.
this is nice too.
:: i am determined to start sewing a dress (or maybe a tunic) this weekend.
:: i am determined to like me in it.
happy friday friends xo


  1. says

    ha, I just bought a summer dress – I don’t sew (yet).
    I am embracing my inner dress self too – happy friday for sure