i have been loving all of the macrame hanging planter inspiration out there right now.
and i especially loved stephanie’s tutorial on hanging pots in issue number six of 3191Q.

yesterday i was doing a bit of a spring spruce up.
i put away the winter decor which left an empty corner where i had an oak branch with twinkly lights.
i wanted something a bit more fresh and thought a hanging plant might do the trick.
i had a thrifted white pot that was hiding away in the pantry.
i found some hemp twine in the drawer and soon after i was tying knots and making my own version of a hanging planter.
i do like very much how it turned out.
simple, fun and quick.
my kind of project.


  1. paula says

    i’m curious about how you attached it to the ceiling. did you use a stud finder? or just screw where you wanted?

    • admin says

      paula, i used one of those little hooks that have threading on the end and screw into the ceiling.