when i was in high school i acquired the nickname “apple”.
1. because i ate a lot of apples and
2. because i always had rosy red cheeks.
now at 39 you will still find me eating apples daily but my cheeks no longer resemble them.
today i decided to wear blush.
i am not lying when i say i have never worn it (except when my mom used to apply it on with full force for ballet recitals).
i was a bit shy this morning as i took out the brush. i actually watched a video on how to apply.
i have to admit it did feel fun and new.
when i was leaving today and kissed chris goodbye, he noticed.
i guess i really was looking a bit pale.
i am still researching products.
i would love to try to make my own lip gloss and blush
maybe with a little help i can earn my nick name back.


  1. Lisa says

    wow! thank you for the link!
    my girls and i made the blush right away!!!
    both the powder and in stain!
    we didn’t have any beets – but used dried strawberries instead!
    the seeds took a while to totally grind down to a powder!
    it worked a charm! SOOOOO much fun!
    thank you!!!!!!

    and i think your nickname is just the sweetest!
    my 11 year old daughter inherited her great grandmother’s nickname Annie “pickle”!
    she was known across the county for her pies and preserves!
    not because she ate a lot of pickles (luckily!!!) haha

    • says

      oh lisa that is so wonderful it worked. i think i am going to try it this weekend. good to know the strawberries worked just as well. i think my girls will enjoy this project.
      and my hubbie is somtimes called “pickle” or “mcpickle”. his last name is mcnichol:)

      • Lisa says

        strawberries worked really well – very subtle!
        beets would definitely pack more stain power!!!
        i love that your husband shares the same nickname as my 11 year old!
        how funny is that?!
        pickle power!!!!
        happy weekending!