i have been feeling a bit tired in the afternoon the last few days.
may have to do with me staying up at night watching season one of this
boy is it ever good.
hannah made a mid afternoon snack of ginger udon soup.
off to finish the beef stew for dinner.
then when everyone has drifted off i will begin season two.
i think i may have to give in to a cat nap tomorrow.


  1. Jenny says

    Me too. Too many nights of ‘Oh, I’ve GOT to see what happens in the next episode’. Until I’ve watched 3 episodes in one night! Love the show.

  2. says

    I did the same thing. And then what would happen is that I would fall asleep but all my dreams would sort of have Downton people/places in them so I’d wake up feeling like I hadn’t really slept at all. But it was worth it. :-)